Triungulo Lab

About us

Triungulo Lab was born in early 2015. 

Will Galluccio is the man behind it and this journey started mostly because he wanted to explore different sounds having just some electrical knowledge and basic guitar playing skills. 
Also, he is/was obsessed by John Frusciante and RHCP, so obviously he has always wanted to analyze and get as close as possible to his sounds and tone.

Gathering some experience with the years his main goals became both to bring back to life vintage pedals in new compact and pedalboard-friendly formats as well as creating new circuits to accomodate guitar player needs. 

What he does is mainly concentrated around John Frusciante's sounds, but this doesn't exclude that with Triungulo Lab pedals you can even get different sounds and try to develop your own style! 

Since our production capacity is very limited we usually get preorders through our  Facebook page // email   for the most requested pedals.

On this website you will find occasional deals, or occasional direct sales for available batches.

We are looking forward to increase our capacity and replace the preorders with direct sales hopefully in the next future.

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